We also have a moving story about how we started so and so years ago,  and about how much we love and believe in our product. But we would much rather dedicate this page to the Puph's profile than our own. 

Puph, puph, puph, that's all that matters!  a comfortable, cozy puph can be hugging, indulging and comforting on cold winter days with a hot drink or on the hot summer days underneath the air conditioner. Bigbag comes in a variety of sizes, colors and shapes and suits kids as well as adults.  

Until now a bean bag used to be a nursery room or a TV room item, but Bigbag carries a new trend - a designed bean bag which serves as an exclusive unique item that is a part of the designing concept of the main living area of your home. Our Bigbag is no longer a product to shove into the den when guests arrive, but rather an interesting original item to show off.

Bigbag - designed Puphs for the whole family!

Nevertheless, a little something about us....

Flame Initiative LTD, the creator of Bigbag puph brand, is a company that specializes in alternative seating arrangements for outdoor and indoor special occasions, tent construction, atmosphere design and special construction for exhibitions. The alternative seating equipment that is also available for purchase: futons, low tables and mats (which are also available on this site).

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Bigbag by Flame Initiative LTD

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